Bringing Solo Businesses Together


The Solo Business Owners Club is a well connected and welcoming place for all Solo Owners to meet, learn, grow and share successes together.

Your success is 100% your own but it doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the journey together.

Upcoming Events

We will be introducing new events here regularly. From Business Walks, Member Days Out, ‘Release some Steam’ Events, Brainstorming Lunches and Business Breakfast Events so we can bounce ideas, help one another and learn from one another too. Keep an eye out to ensure you don’t miss any events with some great and wonderful people.

When you get that moment of doubt with nowhere to turn, when you wonder why you took this leap in to business in the first place… you now have a space to call your own. Here at the Solo Business Owners Club you will find a friend in business, a team of experts in different industries, the answers you need and someone to tell you – Not to give up!