Who is behind SOLO OWNERS?

Meet the Team behind the Solo Business Owners Club and find out why we opened this space for us all to connect.

Welcome to the Solo Business Owners Club: one of the fastest growing business connection networks around the UK
The SBO Club is great place where you will be welcomed, connected and engaged with 1000’s of likeminded entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups, speakers, coaches and many more. We wanted to provide a premium networking organisation ideal for anyone looking to take their business and personal lives to the next level with club training and networking events.
Most importantly, we understand what it is like to take the plunge in to business on your own, against all odd’s and taking that risk. We know that there are pitfalls along the way and we wanted to be there for you to enjoy the many, many successes that will come along the way too. We can raise a glass together as “No win should be celebrated alone.”
Our member will be able to create high-quality, pre-qualified business connections from all sectors, SMEs and corporates that will inspire you to win.
The main goal of SBOC is for it’s members to elevate their businesses, network and personal profiles to the next level.Ā 
AJ Roberts, Business Coach, Mentor and Speak


Entrepreneur, SOLO FOUNDER

Mum to two little girls first. Does that make me a ‘Mumpreneur’ and not an Entrepreneur?’ Anyway…Ā  I’m a fun loving entrepreneur with an ever active bank of business ideas and improvement strategies for new business.

Having left my job as a firefighter after 10+ years, I have since taken the leap to help, support and launch new businesses to take over the world.Ā 

Founder of My Homemade – a revolutionary marketplace for homemakers, artisans, artists and creatives.

Favourite Quote “A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor”
Favourite Cuisine – Mexican
Favourite Colour – Blue
Favourite Sport to Play – TennisĀ 




šŸ’‚ā€ā™€ļø Former Distinguished British Soldier 15 Yrs
šŸ“ˆ I help Business Owners and Coaches create High-Performance through a military mindset lens in less than 90 days!

šŸŽ™ Guest speaker
šŸ“š Corporate Leadership Trainer
āš½ļø Salisbury City FC U15 Head Coach
šŸŽ„ Podcast host of The AJ Roberts Show
šŸ» 15 months alcohol free since one fine morning on a beach in Sierra Leone.

šŸ™ Charity Patron for Melqosh Mission International focusing on amputees, rape victims and their children of the blood diamond civil war in Sierra Leone.

šŸŽ¦ Instagram: @mr_ajroberts


AJ Roberts, Business Coach, Mentor and Speak

“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning” – Robert Kiyosaki

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